Advertising Ideas for small business

People buy on emotion FIRST.


Picture this… 

Sad music playing in the background… starving_child
Only to be over shadowed by the sadness and pain … 
Helpless mothers waiting patiently by their sick child’s death bed… 
Children who haven’t had the luxury of a clean, disease free glass of water for weeks…  
All strategically put together in a sequence to manipulate you in to parting with your money… 
Sounds quite underhand right? 

What is networking going to do for your business?

what is networkingIsn't networking, all breakfasts and business cards?

As you know we held a unique event recently. Australia now has an Industry Networking Event. We bring together the 'white collar' professionals (the suits) and the 'blue collar' business owners.
And people have already made good money from it.what is networking


I know you've been to those breakfasts and dinners, met a bunch of people, collected a bunch of business cards and nothing came of it. Am I right?

Nobody called.what is networking


What is networking anyway?

Well here's the secret - that's not the way it works with networking. It's all about relationships.

How to promote your business by saying 'no'.

Grumpy NO face cartoon

"Are you crazy Paul?"

"Why would I say no to work?"

Stay with me, I begin to make more sense.

I know, you've spent a lot of money to make your phone ring and get enquiries from the internet, but every business should be saying 'no' to 5% of their enquiry calls most of the year.


Cost of advertising - is it killing you?

This is a true story.

cost of advertising - nil - 3X3 System worksMeet Al.

I arrived at Al's place recently to present Session 2 of 'The Secrets of Getting In' course. I was met, with him standing in his livingroom holding a wad of $50 notes in his hand.

I said "No Al, you are not due to pay me this week"

He said "Stop Sir," (he likes to call me Sir)  "and listen to my story" he said.

"Last week I was mentioning to some business friends that I was doing this course with you (and mentioned how much money I was investing)" he said. "Both guys told me I was a fool and that I may as well cost of advertising - nil - 3X3 System works take my money, put a match to it and burn it."

Cost of advertising is expensive,

so I was glad last week when you showed me the '3X3 System' of boosting my local work - without advertising.

"But, after being bagged out by my friends, I wanted to prove you, wrong.

How to advertise my business?


Advertise smarter, not harder.

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"17 ways advertising companies can ripp you off!"

Permeate Free milk


Do you advertise your business as 'Permeate Free'?

Why not? The milk companies and big retailers are making a fortune out of it.


Well, it's because of 'Conscious Consumerism'. People are getting very aware of the additives that go into their food - and they feel uncomfortable about that.

They have a problem - unknown food additives.

The smart marketers caught on to the problem and advertised to make their customers feel safe. 

"Our milk is Permeate Free".

Now up till recently none of us knew anything about permeates in milk. Now, we are made conscious of a possible threat to our safety and we react by buying 'the safe milk'.

But some of the public has caught on. ALL milk is 'Permeate Free'.

But others still buy the 'Permeate Free' - just in case!

How to advertise my business? What has this got to do with my advertising?

 Stay with me for another story - you'll be surprised.

Free advertising?


That's right, 

100% result from FREE advertising.

I know, I couldn't believe it either.

Let me introduce you to Dave Goymor From RAD Carpentry.

Please click on the video and hear Dave tell his incredible story on You Tube.

Dave is using the 3X3 System of generating more local work - without



p.s. If you think this system has anything to do with letterboxes - it doesn't.

What is facinating is that nobody who has used this system consistently has failed to get more local work - for FREE.

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Marketing ideas for small business.

[This is a sample of the material covered in our ‘The Secrets of Getting In’ course]

Have you ever been tricked into buying display ads that are ‘full colour’?

Confession time:

As many of you know, in another life, I was responsible for most of the largest clients, of the local phone book network, Pink Pages in Sydney Australia.

In 2006 the company wanted to push up to ‘full colour’ display advertising.

Ad costs, would be at a premium.

It cost an advertiser an extra 50% if they wanted ‘full colour’, and some of my clients were already paying 10’s of thousands of dollars each year for their packages.

I had my budgets increased substantially, and was expected to reach them.

The finished product was impressive, and it wasn’t hard to see why most of my clients decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and move up, to ‘full colour’.

I exceeded my budget but had a guilty conscience.

Ways to promote your business.


Did your Father say this to your sister?

You know the scene . . .

Your sister has emerged from hours in her bedroom. She's standing there all dressed up, ready to go out.

Her Father looks up from the telly, and his mouth drops open.

Her hair's all done in a modern sort of way.

He thinks the make-up is a little over done, but he dismisses that as inexperience, or that she wants to look like that rock diva she likes.

His eyes widen as they drift down to her outfit.

The hairs on the back of his neck stand on edge.


As a male, he knows she's sending the wrong message to the boys. 

Advertising ideas for small business.

Some helpful background thinking before wasting too much money!

Are you selling what people want to buy from you?

I noticed this sign on the side of a country road.

It was one of those signs you see leading up to the farm gate produce stalls.

But it wasn't selling the fruit of the season.

It was using a play on words that recognised, what the market wanted to buy

(but they couldn't sell).

Clever - but very insightful.

Most business people, try to sell what they want the public to buy.

But really, what is it, that people buy from them?

That Mango farmer knew what people wanted. He just couldn't supply it!

What is it, that people ACTUALLY buy from you?

How can you tell?


Business advertising ideas.

[This is a sample of our new 'Secrets of Advertising' course]

Remember the Yellow Pages rep who said "Hey, if you're not in Yellow, you're not in business".

That was true.       20 years ago.

As a lot of you know, I used to handle most of the Pink Pages (local phone book network) major clients.

They were still getting this line 5 years ago.

It's a lie.

Business advertising ideas abound these days:

Newsletters, the internet, signs, phone books, industry lists, Google, magazines, catalogs, blogs and Facebook.

All are valid.

All are good value for money.

Or are they?

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