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Customer loyalty program for plumbers

Dumb Customers?

You know, the ones who ask you dumb questions.

customer loyalty programRecently I mentioned that people don't know ALL the things you do in your line of work. So they think they have to get 'specialists' in.
It seems this is a bigger problem than I first suggested:
"Paul, most people these days are really dumb.
I had an existing client asked me today if we install water heaters [this is a plumber talking], funny hey.
Your report was quite fitting."
"Last year, Paul, we were called out to replace a garden tap.
When we had finished, the client asked us if we also fix inside taps.
He was dead set serious. Some people . . ."
"Oh, I get that ALL the time . . ."
Why don't your customers know:customer loyalty program
You do bathroom renovations as well as fix broken pipes.
You install new sinks and repair gas leaks.
You do gas bar-b-que installations as well as blocked sewers.
You can handle back flow prevention testing as well as dripping taps.
You do solar hot water as well as repair burst pipes.
You can install a new bath as well as hot water heaters.
You repair sump pumps in underground carparks as well as fix shower leaks properly.
I could go on (but I won't).

plumberHandy Hint:
Draw up a    'What can a good plumber do for you?'    list.
Include EVERY kind of plumbing job you can do.
List all the different types of matters you attend to and send it to every new enquirer.
Say this, "Is it OK if I send you a summary of who we are and what we do? That way you can check us out".
Then ask "What is the best email to send this to?"
This will show them that you are the 'One Stop Shop' for sooo much more than what they thought.
Save it as a PDF document or a page on your web site or as a Dropbox item.
Now, either email the PDF from your phone or computer to them.
You could even send it as a link in an text message.
You'll be surprised to hear them say "Oh, you do 'back flow prevention testing' - we were looking for somebody to do that the other day."

Customers trust those they know.
customer trust
How do they get to know you?
Well, now you've got the email adresses of most of your domestic and commercial clients, how do you think they would like to get handy hints and tips from you from time to time?
You know the importance of keeping in touch with your GOLDMINE of past clients, don't you?
But you don't have time do you.
That's why I've launched:
'The Secrets of Delighting Customers'
customer loyalty programme.
What if (under a strict confidentiality agreement between the two of us):
I write your personalised 'Insiders Club' messages and sent them to your customers on your behalf, all seen to be coming from you?
What if I sent your goldmine of customers, handy hints and tips to make you look good?
What if I put a smile on your client's faces and they stay loyal to you, [fname]?
Since last week, I have even more people beginning to take me up on this 'set and forget' customer loyalty programme. 
(they are all plumbers too!)
Does that sound easy?
Does it sound good, that you can keep doing what you do best and a specialist copyrighter is putting a smile on the face of every one of your customers?
"But hang on Paul, how does it work?" I hear you say.
If you click or tap here and scroll down to the 
'Not so fine print' section of that page on my website. 
There you will find out how we put this together with you.
Till next time,
Be the yardstick, by which all others are measured,
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
Missing Piece Marketing
But I guess you will never know, how simple customer loyalty is, unless you click or tap here.
p.s. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how few folk click or tap on the links I include in my reports - like the blue one just above. 
Is it because of the unknown, behind a link?
Or is it because people are not used to what happens when you click on a hyperlink (that's what they are called. If you click on the blue word 'hyperlink' above, you'll go to Wikipedia for an explanation)
If you can fill me in on why you think people don't click on links, I'd appreciate your wisdom.



How to get more customers.

Guess what,

you're not in the business of getting more customers.

"What do you mean Paul, of course I need more customers!
How am I going to pay my bills and beat my competition without more customers?"

I hear you. Please bare with me as I draw on two illustrations to make this clear.

You may remember the 'Debt Recovery Tool Kit' (yes, you can click on the link or the image to go there) I released a few months ago with the video of the solicitor Brett Crowley who chases overdue accounts for you - for FREE.
Many of you have hit the reply button to my email, asking for Brett's phone number.

I'm thrilled to report that EVERYBODY who has used Brett's service has got paid the $thousands that was owed to them.


Why did I go to all the trouble to publish the info about Brett?

Was it to make money out of you? NO.
I've been told by other bloggers I should have made it a $58 product and sold it!

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Effective communication skills

Here are 4 guaranteed ways to drive away, a new commercial client.

"Why would I want to wreck a perfectly good commercial client?" I hear you say.
"They bring in the regular work for me. I'd never do anything to upset them."

effective communication skills



I'd hate to think you'd 'put your head in the sand' and ignore some wise advice.


 I recently interviewed a facilities manager at one of Sydney's largest retirement villages.

effective communication skills


He said there were the four problems he has, with tradies and small business service providers:




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How to keep clients - the wrong way!

Clark Rubber

I really was gob smacked at Clark Rubber this week!

You would think that Clark Rubber would avoid these simple mistakes when trying to keep customers.

But before I get into this report . . . If you like what you read, if it makes you smile and you want more, just fill in the form below and I'll send you a valuable report called

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Email Marketing You Can Trust

I'm always watching the way firms treat their customers and what they do to KEEP them. 

Last week I visited a Clark Rubber store for the first time. (For those of you outside Australia here's the link. They are a national brand)

I think I have thick skin, but I was shocked by the way I was treated. I couldn't understand why they didn't understand the basic principles of:

How to keep clients.

Let me dump on you.

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Customer Service Definition:

 Customer service is a process of systems and personal interaction that makes the customer feel that their needs have been met.


If it was just a definition you were after, then this definition has probably left you feeling a bit dry.


Because that's what 'definitions' do. They are clinical statements; the bare bones of the matter.

Customer service definition must now be re-written and the concept re-invented.


Because many folk have never experienced good customer service.

How do I know? 

Let me tell you a true story.

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Genuine business partnerships are built on genuine relationships and genuine relationships are built on a deep understanding of a client’s business problems.

"Whoa there Paul!" I hear you say.


"I have enough problems of my own to worry about. Why would I want to take on my clients problems too?"

I understand where you are coming from. We all have our own load to bear.

Why would you go seeking more?

You'll probably not believe this, but you'll make more money from each client and have less client 'churn'.


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“We are losing our battle with all that is personal and real about our business. Every day I can look at a list of phone calls only partially returned. Driving home, I think of what was not accomplished, instead of what was accomplished. The gnawing feeling continues.”

Jerry MaguireThis is part of Jerry Maguire’s mission statement from the 1996 movie of the same name starring Tom Cruise. Maguire got on a roll in his Miami hotel when looking at writing a one page mission statement which ended up being 25 pages.
The basic message was that to be successful in business, particularly the service industry, the focus should not be on the number of clients you can attract, but on the strength of relationships and quality of service. In Maguire’s case it was looking after fewer star athletes to better service the athletes he had.


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How to get new customers?

Perhaps you won't need to get as many new customers after reading this report.

Do you immunise every new client of yours?

"What do you mean, Paul? I don't get 'sick' clients." I hear you say.

"I don't have any diseases breaking out among my clients."

Paul J Web Files 7 of 42May I ask you a question?

Are your clients are so happy, they would never be drawn away by a




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How to improve customer service.

 How to improve customer service when they call?

Are you sending new clients, to your competition?


I know . . . it seems obvious.

Paul in the puzzle piece flattened sm

You'd be surprised at how many small businesses get so busy, and lose this piece of the puzzle.

 How to improve customer service?          

Answer your phone.

Better do that personally, if you're the one, with the answers for the public.

Answer your phone

* Ever tried to get a tradesman to come to fix something?

How many calls did you have to make, before someone answered their phone?

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Testimonials . . .

These testimonials are from those who receive Paul's humorous report.

They are enjoying those 'tiny bits of information' and are now getting 'more local work - without advertising'.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your time, advice and knowledge today. And thanks for lunch too! I have now made the final payment installment. It's always great to work with you and I am very appreciative.

You make me not just a better businessman but a better person overall. I now have many things to ponder. Thanks for helping me on my life journey.

Kindest regards,

Craig Cook

Atlantis Plumbing

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Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say that I’m usually busy in my business and my inbox gets lots of ‘newsletters’ from people. I don’t have time to read them – I usually delete them.

But your reports are different. I was sceptical at first, but they put a smile on my face (we must have a similar sense of humour). I find myself stopping to read them, for two reasons:

1. You add a ‘human’ face to your reports; I identify with the stories you tell, to make your point, and 2. They always contain useful hints and tips I can use in my business.

I appreciate your generosity with your ideas.
If you are considering subscribing to Paul’s reports, Please don’t hesitate, just do it – it’ll put a smile on your face and dollars in your bank.
Tony Mathot

Tony Mathot

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