How to get new customers?

Perhaps you won't need to get as many new customers after reading this report.

"What do you mean by immunise my new clients, Paul? I don't get 'sick' clients." I hear you say.

"I don't have any diseases breaking out among my clients."

Paul J Web Files 7 of 42May I ask you one question?

Are your clients are so happy, they would never be drawn away by a




 May I illustrate what might be happening to your clients?

Pull out one of your invoice books from 5 years ago. Go on, flip through the pages.

Take a look at who were your clients back then.

OK, now grab an invoice book from 3 years ago.

Who were clients back then? Have you heard from them lately? Where have they gone?

Which of your competitors are receiving their cheques now?

See what I'm getting at?

How to get new customers . . . is the constant push

What are you doing to keep the customers you've got right now?

"But I give good service . . . that should be enough". I hear you, and  I understand.

But . . . These days, "good service" is just, not enough.

Why not?

Well, consider how many competitors were out there, 5 years ago. And, how many new guys, now want a piece of the pie?

You probably wouldn't think twice about imunising your child from whooping cough, or measles would you?

* What about immunising your clients?

"Immunise them?" you say.

It's not as silly as it sounds.

What does immunisation do? It protects your child from a nasty infection (some of which are fatal).

Immunising your clients, protects them, from being bitten by a nasty competitor. (It could prove fatal to your relationship with them)

Perhaps you should be asking, how do I immunise my existing clients?

Instead of asking how to get new customers!

Well just as you give your child a needle as early as possible to protect them, you should do the same with your new client.

* Straight after you've been paid, give them an early injection of useful information they didn't ask, or pay for.

You have (or can create) useful stuff, like:

'Care and Instructions' for what they've just had you do;

A complementary membership in a loyalty club that goes on giving them the good stuff;

Your recommendation of a complementary 'service call' in 12 months - to ensure everything is going well.

Why is all this fussing about necessary?

It's necessary because your competitors are hanging around, like infected kids, in a pre-school playground.

Heres a quote that inspired me:

Making Raving Fans.


"Recently I joined the email list of a New Zealand fashion designer. I received a confirmation email, and thought nothing more of it. Two weeks later, I was sent a bright pink NZ-postmarked envelope addressed by hand in large, loping feminine script. Inside was a colourful illustrated card, that had been inscribed with a personalised note thanking me for joining the email list and informing me of an upcoming online-only sale. There was also a business card enclosed. I was wowed by the effort involved, and showed the card to my friends that evening – thus instantly giving the designer a few more new fans in her target market.

Here are some examples of customer service experiences that had customers raving, setting off a sure fire word-of-mouth viral marketing campaign for their business:

* At a Lebanese restaurant recently, the proprietor not only held the door open for us as we left, but pressed in to each palm as he shook our hands a chocolate with the restaurant’s contact details printed on the wrapper.

* A real estate agent left a bottle of wine, olive oil, cheese and crackers on the kitchen bench of the property purchased.

* A plumber who leaves bags of mints marked with the company logo

* The hairdresser who calls to check how you’re enjoying the new product she recommended, and offers free fringe trimming mid-month." [per Stacey Mason, Account Manager at NetRegistry]

* That car workshop that rang recently to find out if you were happy with the work you had done recently

All these, are ideas you could modify, to give every new customer of yours, a thrill.

What you want, is for them to say:

"You didn't have to do that!"

You now have peace of mind, knowing they are immunised!

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 Make every customer contact matter,

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