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The 'What I do well' list and how to use it.

Dumb Customers?

dumb customerYou know, the ones who ask you dumb questions

Recently I mentioned that people don't know ALL the things you do in your line of work. So they think they have to get 'specialists' in.

It seems this is a bigger problem than I first suggested. Here's what I've been hearing:

"Paul, most people these days are really dumb.

I had an existing client asked me today if we install water heaters [this is a plumber talking], funny hey.

Your report was quite fitting."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Last year, Paul, we were called out to replace a garden tap.

When we had finished, the client asked us if we also fix inside taps.

He was dead set serious. Some people . . ."



"Oh, I get that ALL the time . . ."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

which wayWhy don't your customers know:

You do bathroom renovations as well as fix broken pipes.

You install new sinks and repair gas leaks.

You do gas bar-b-que installations as well as blocked sewers.

You can handle back flow prevention testing as well as dripping taps.

You do solar hot water as well as repair burst pipes.

You can install a new bath as well as hot water heaters.

You repair sump pumps in underground carparks as well as fix shower leaks properly.

I could go on (but I won't).


pen in handHandy Hint - your 'What I do well' list:

If you're a plumber draw up a    'What can a good plumber do for you?'    list.

Include EVERY kind of plumbing job you can do.

(This works well in every industry. Draw up a list of what you do.)

List all the different types of matters you attend to and send it to every new enquirer.

Say this, "Is it OK if I send you a summary of who we are and what we do? That way you can check us out".

Then ask "What is the best email to send this to?"

This will show them that you are the 'One Stop Shop' for sooo much more than what they thought.

Save it as a PDF document on your phone.

Now, either email the PDF from your phone or computer to them.

You could even send it as a link in an text message.

You'll be surprised to hear them say "Oh, you do 'back flow prevention testing' - we were looking for somebody to do that the other day."



Customers trust those they know.



How do they get to know you?


Well, now you've got the email adresses of most of your domestic and commercial clients, how do you think they would like to get handy hints and tips from you from time to time?




You know the importance of keeping in touch with your GOLDMINE of past clients, don't you?

paul johnson










Till next time,

Be the yardstick, by which all others are measured,

 Paul Johnson

Missing Piece Marketing

Here's some other handy hints others enjoyed: 'Do you immunise every new client you get?'

"May I ask you one question?

Are your clients are so happy, they would never be drawn away by a

competitor? "


'Customer service definition' is also very popular:


"Customer service definition must now be re-written and the concept re-invented.


Because many folk have never experienced good customer service.

How do I know? . . . "




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