How to attract customers.

Are you aware that you are losing customers to that other rotten lousy guy?

You probably are...

angry man at work blowing his top1That really annoys you, doesn't it.

You give'em great service, a great deal, and what do they do?

Turn to your competition!



Why would they turn to your competition?

Maybe I should illustrate with an illustration:

Tell me. Which Australian Telco [sorry if you live outside Australia] has jungle animals in all their adds?

Which firm do we know as 'the fresh food people'?

Why did you know the answers?

Repetition, repetition, repetition. (call it 'spin', if you like). They hammered you with their message. They never let you forget.

It's all perceptions

Which charity helps more people in Australia, the Salvos or Anglicare?

If you said 'The Salvos' you'd be wrong, by 50%. Anglicare is much bigger.

What made you think of that?

Yep. Perceptions.

If you had a sign that said 'Service Unit 17' somewhere on the back of your only van, local people would perceive you to be a huge company. Why?

Perceptions [and a little untruth].

Have you noticed that people feel they like to own you?

"Oh, he's my plumber" or "she's my hairdresser"

Why do they feel that need to own you?

People want to feel connected (Look at Facebook!)

People feel connected to businesses that care [or seem to care]

0610030007But the trick to showing you care, is in your timing

timing is everything.

Let me explain about timing.

Customer care isn't over, the minute a client pays you.

At that point, you've only done what you'd said you would do - and they have agreed - by paying you. Everybody's equal.

You haven't tipped the scales of customer care . . . just yet.

It's only after you've gone, that you can 'over deliver'.

The perception of caring customer service, doesn't start, till after you say goodbye.

Imagine this:

phone1The customer's phone rings.

"Hi Mrs Brown, just a courtesy call to make sure you are happy with all we've done".

Or, imagine how they would feel if you sent them a postcard thanking them for their custom.

What if you sent 2 movie tickets to say thank you for their referrals.

What might they say?

"You didn't have to do that!"

And that's what you want to hear (unless you enjoy feeding your customers to your competition).


How to attract customers to stay with you?  

the same way I attract you.


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