Advertising ideas for small business.

Some helpful background thinking before wasting too much money!

Are you selling what people want to buy from you?

I noticed this sign on the side of a country road.

It was one of those signs you see leading up to the farm gate produce stalls.

But it wasn't selling the fruit of the season.

It was using a play on words that recognised, what the market wanted to buy

(but they couldn't sell).

Clever - but very insightful.

Most business people, try to sell what they want the public to buy.

But really, what is it, that people buy from them?

That Mango farmer knew what people wanted. He just couldn't supply it!

What is it, that people ACTUALLY buy from you?

How can you tell?


It's probably got little to do with your core business or service - it's probably how you make them FEEL when you meet their physical need.

Check your reflection in the comments of your customers. Listen for what people want, then help them find the best way to get what they want.

Success in business is all about finding a need and filling it.

* How do you find out, exactly what it is, that people buy from you?

Listen to those who come recommended, from your happy clients.

"So-n-So told me to come here, because you guys ( . . . Feeling . . . .) "

Grab whatever feelings statement they make and write it down!

Keep a record of everything good, that is said about you, and your service.

Group the similar comments together.

Now you know, what it is, that people actually buy from you. You have a clear reflection of yourself!

It probably has nothing to do with your central business, because . . .

* People buy as much, for emotional reasons, as well as they do, factual ones.

This is one of the key advertising ideas for small business.

Take the essence, of what is in these comments and form your marketing and advertising around them

Selling, what the market wants to buy from you!

It's that simple.

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