Cost of advertising - is it killing you?

This is a true story.

cost of advertising - nil - 3X3 System worksMeet Al.

I arrived at Al's place recently to present Session 2 of 'The Secrets of Getting In' course. I was met, with him standing in his livingroom holding a wad of $50 notes in his hand.

I said "No Al, you are not due to pay me this week"

He said "Stop Sir," (he likes to call me Sir)  "and listen to my story" he said.

"Last week I was mentioning to some business friends that I was doing this course with you (and mentioned how much money I was investing)" he said. "Both guys told me I was a fool and that I may as well cost of advertising - nil - 3X3 System works take my money, put a match to it and burn it."

Cost of advertising is expensive,

so I was glad last week when you showed me the '3X3 System' of boosting my local work - without advertising.

"But, after being bagged out by my friends, I wanted to prove you, wrong.

I went out the next three days and practiced the system you taught me (especially signing the back of my card).

This cash I have in my hand, is $770 extra, I earned from those first three days of the '3X3 System' - and there is more work in the pipeline!"

 Cost of advertising - $0 !


How does the '3X3 System' work?

It's built on 3 solid pieces of psychology.

1. People get excited for a short time after paying someone to do something for them. And

2. People are 'Sticky Beaks'. They notice when people they know get things done around their business or home.

3. People are keen to trust the opinion of those around them first - asking for recommendations - before going to the traditional media or Google.

As for the rest of the '3X3 System' - I'm sorry, it really needs to be demonstrated. You need to see me acting out what you do and say to generate more local work - without advertising. (If you think it has anything to do with letter boxes - you'll be pleasantly wrong)

With the cost of advertising so high, Al was happy to let me publish his name: Al Vermaak, and his phone number: 0411 962 933 (that's +61 411962933 if you are outside Australia - please be considerate of the time in Sydney Australia if you call him)

Please feel free to call him. After all it is a true story.

Whenever I've said "I teach businesses how to boost their local work - without advertising" I often get curious comments back at me, like:

 "Cost of advertising is so high . . . . how do you do that?" 

People get so keen to have a go at it, that some have been able to delete all advertising they are doing and rely on this method exclusively - Like Dave Goymore here:

 So, I am bowing to the pressure and making the 3X3 System available to anybody who wants it, as a stand alone session. But, you will have to be able to see me demonstrate it - I can't describe it here in words. Sorry.

We can meet one-on-one (your place of work, home or my office) or

if you are away from the Sydney region (anywhere in the world) we can have the session by a video Skype call (click on the hyperlink if you don't know what Skype is).

All you need is a camera on your computer and a Skype account (It's FREE). (If you don't speak English, you'll need a translator with you, during the session)

For you to have this session you will need my Skype name and I will give it to you as soon as we book in the session time together.


"We tried Paul's 3X3 system with 'Sticky Beak' neighbours of our customers.

We were skeptical . . . 
but it worked.

We get more local enquiries, and 20% of them turn into work."

Joe & Janet
C&J Mobile Mechanics
St Clair, Sydney Australia

I have a 'Small Business Assessment Questionaire' that we will begin with - that's FREE. It gives me an idea if I'm going to be of any use to you at all! 

People have often said (about the FREE Assessment) "Paul, that was really good. I am so busy working IN my business, I never take the chance to work ON it - Thank You!"

Latest Update on Al:

I just visited Al for Session 3 of 'The Secrets of Getting In' course. He said "Sir, I need to tell you a story" (I'm beginning to like his stories!)

"I had a quiet day this week so I went out to try the 3X3 System again. I was out for 3 hours and so far I have earned $800 extra this week exclusively from your system - boy have I got something to tell my scheptical mates now!"

I told him I was making the 3X3 System available as a stand alone session (with some follow up calls to see how you are going) for $277. He said "That's too cheap - you should make it $900 !"

I'm looking forward to sharing this 'secret of success' with you,

Never stop learning, pick up the phone (my number is at the top of this page or email me to book a date - we'll need 2 hours).

cost of advertising - more local work without advertisingPaul Johnson

p.s. If you've already done the old 3X3 System as part of a course or workshop I've run, and you'd like to do the new updated version, remind me and I'll give you a special discounted rate (half).


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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your time, advice and knowledge today. And thanks for lunch too! I have now made the final payment installment. It's always great to work with you and I am very appreciative.

You make me not just a better businessman but a better person overall. I now have many things to ponder. Thanks for helping me on my life journey.

Kindest regards,

Craig Cook

Atlantis Plumbing

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Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say that I’m usually busy in my business and my inbox gets lots of ‘newsletters’ from people. I don’t have time to read them – I usually delete them.

But your reports are different. I was sceptical at first, but they put a smile on my face (we must have a similar sense of humour). I find myself stopping to read them, for two reasons:

1. You add a ‘human’ face to your reports; I identify with the stories you tell, to make your point, and 2. They always contain useful hints and tips I can use in my business.

I appreciate your generosity with your ideas.

If you are considering subscribing to Paul’s reports, Please don’t hesitate, just do it – it’ll put a smile on your face and dollars in your bank.
Tony Mathot

Tony Mathot

Dakota Cleaning Solutions