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Did your Father say this to your sister?

You know the scene . . .

Your sister has emerged from hours in her bedroom. She's standing there all dressed up, ready to go out.

Her Father looks up from the telly, and his mouth drops open.

Her hair's all done in a modern sort of way.

He thinks the make-up is a little over done, but he dismisses that as inexperience, or that she wants to look like that rock diva she likes.

His eyes widen as they drift down to her outfit.

The hairs on the back of his neck stand on edge.


As a male, he knows she's sending the wrong message to the boys. 


Now, don't get me wrong, she's a lovely girl. Well respected at school. She plays both violin in a local orchestra and cricket in the city vs country comp.

He admits (proudly) she's an attractive young lady but . .

What the hell is she wearing?

The top she's wearing attempts to carve out a new meaning for the word 'cleavage'. And as much as it shows off her shapely legs, the mini-skirt leaves little to the imagination.

She thinks she's well dressed.

But Dad knows what message she's sending to the boys . . I'm Cheap

Tradies and small businesses do the same thing

No, I don't mean their clothing is inappropriate. 

When it comes to ways to promote your business,

they dress themselves up in their advertisements they often send the wrong message to their target market.

Hey look at me - I'm cheap!

Yes, I know the supermarkets get you in with their specials, and they hope you'll spend more.

It works in retail. It doesn't work in the service industry.

The message the retailers send out is "We stock low priced goods".

The message you send out is "We do cheap work"

It doesn't have the same ring to it, does it.

You need to dress up when going out to meet your target market. Let the others fight over who's the cheapest.

You'll still be in business in 5 years, they'll only be a memory.

Check the wording of your ads. (send it to me on paul@missingpiecemarketing.com.au and I'll have a look)

Are you sending the wrong message?

There are better ways to promote your business.

Be like the father in the story,

send that ad back to her bedroom to change into something more respectable!

© Paul Johnson 2013

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