What useful apps do you have on your phone?


Just in case you have forgotten - phones are a productivity tool.Smartphone for business


Firstly, you can make or receive phone calls.

I know that sounds obvious but I called 5 self employed business people on Wednesday (during work hours) and none of them answered their phone. 

I know we all get busy and can't be interupted, but what if I was a brand new customer calling?

Enter the Smartphone! 

They are so smart they can literally save you hours of 'after hours' sweat.

You don't have to 'check your diary' and get back to people like we used to. You can put your caller on speaker and look up your calendar on-the-run.

People used to write a cheque (remember cheques?) hoping there would be enough money in the account to cover it. Now you can be adding another appointment to your schedule or ordering your client dinner and check your account while the drinks come. You can even pay the bill by waving your phone over the magic machine.

What other apps can save you time (and give you back your evenings)?





Apps I use

every day

1. Evernote (and Skitch).

My whole life is organised into 'Notebooks' and 'Notes'.


I live my 'Getting Everything Finished with Evernote'system.

If I need to quote my ABN; remember the size of a door I'm working on; what I need to talk to my accountant about; My phone account number; What step I have to do next in my holiday planning; or to be reminded that I better get a birthday card for my wife (gulp!).

It's all taken care of inEvernote.

I can take a photo of something I need to fix later or record a client's name address and phone number using the microphone feature.


This is what I can use to mark drawings or photographs. Great if you want to describe what has to be done to an employee at a job.


See the numbers and arrows on my screenshot. I used Skitch for Evernote to do that.

What's on MY phone?

Whats on my phone

2. Pimlical Calendar.


This system has become so well developed. I used it when I had PALM handheld organisers back in 1999.Palm M100

I live a complex life. I have a need for a diary system that can do A LOT:

Put appointments in at odd repeating times - and in a colour code that is easy to understand.

I've never found a calendar system with SO MANY settings. It can even duplicate an appointment (with all it's notes and details) to another date - and leave a copy of the original one where it came from.

Can yours do that?

More Heavy Lifters


3. Hancent Sms App.


I want to send people messages and I don't want to re-type them every time. Handcent can save an sms as a 'Smart Text'. These are messages I send regularly (even includes hyperlinks to pages in my website). 

It also includes phone photos of each person in a conversation. 

It's biggest advantage it has over it's rivals is it's pop-up alerts which appear on screen, with the contents of each message. Another time saver.

You can even asign a different tone for different people you text with - so you know how urgent the message is.


4. Flipboard


I use this to stay on top of business news, ideas etc. Even though I'm crazy busy, I make time every day to read about what's going on in the world from a techlological, political and social perspective (you choose what topics you want to read about).


5. Social apps like LinkedIn (and Facebook).

I know this is hard to believe but I've now made $8,000 from LinkedIn.

Why wouldn't I want to work the Social Media system that makes me money?


The blue arrow points to my new grandson (as my phone wallpaper).

He was born 8 weeks premi and is still in a humidicrib in the NICU ward in hospital.

Yes, he's OK, but it's hard seeing him start life this way.


Work smarter not harder.

Make your smartphone your slave, not your master.


Cheers for now,

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson


© Paul Johnson – Missing Piece Marketing 2015


p.s. Smartphones can be something you hate or love. Tell me how you feel about them in the comments section below:


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