How to promote your business through the ups and downs of Christmas.


Are you knocking back work at the moment?

how to promote your business



Don't you hate that!


You've spent up big on advertising

how to promote your business
to get the phone to ring,

and then,

at Christmas time.  .  .

You have to say 'no' to work

because you're too busy.



how to promote your business

Isn't Christmas Day just one more day in the year.

Can't they wait!


What if one bag of lollies could change a customer's mind?



There's a new type of research called 'Behavioral Economics', where they study whether people do, in deed, always act logically.



In one study, researchers gave a bag of lollies to two groups of people and asked them:

"Let's say you're about to come into a sum of money.

Would you rather get $3,000 next week, or $3,800 in a couple of months?"


Are you keen to know what they chose?

How you could turn this 'Secret' into consistent work for your business?



You'd love to know wouldn't you?

It turns out that those who were told to answer the question BEFORE they ate the lollies,

who were denied the sugar hit before they answered,

said they'd take the $3000 next week!

The others, who were permitted to eat the sweets (and get the sugar high now) said:

"Hey, no problem - I can wait."

And you thought people always acted rationally, didn't you.

You'd think the amount of money would make a difference, wouldn't you? It's logical isn't it.



How to promote your business through into next year.

If you are overworked and know you'll need more work AFTER Christmas, not before, you could offer your prospect some lollies. Try saying this:

" I am keen to do your job. I'm looking forward to it.

If you were to let me book this in to be done on the 15th January, I am willing to include the painting/ double your warranty/ include the better quality accessories/ give you a years free 'servicing'."

Logically, they think they need the job done before Christmas.

But based on the evidence we have in this experiment, it's likely the potential client may agree to what you have to offer.

free beer - tomorrow
This gives you breathing space and allows you time to tackle their job after Christmas - when you have more time.

Prospects are perfectly rational. Yes - except when offered a bag of sweets.

How to promote your business to generate consistent work - offer them an incentive to fit into your quieter times.

Worth a try? Let me know how you go . . . leave a comment if you click here (go to the bottom of the page)

Till next time,

paul johnson

Paul Johnson

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