Job estimate / quoting problem.

As a small business, are you being undercut by 'shonky' traders?

Handy hint below on how to deal with them

Job estimates take a lot of time to do.

It hurts to find out someone has won it on a ridiculously low price?

You couldn't even buy the materials for that price!

These 'Fly-by-nighters' will always try to undercut everyone else's price.

They do it often by failing to meet their responsibilities as an employer.


By underpaying workers and by wrongly insisting their workers work as

'contractors' not employees.The shonky employer then avoids paying overheads

like PAYG Withholding Tax, Superannuation contributions and workers compensation

cover for the workers.

That's not fair!

That's not a level playing field.

Any wonder they can charge less for their work!

These unscupulous businesses can be brought into line, if only honest business

people like you inform the ATO.

You are failing to win more quotes while ever these businesses continue to

undercut illegally.

Here is a number to call to anonymously report a competitor who is making it

harder for everyone else to make the right profit on a job.

Get some simple facts together and help give your industry a 'level playing


Call the ATO (in Australia) 1800 060 062

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Paul Johnson

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