How to build trust with people.

TearsTears welled up in her innocent eyes. All she wanted was to have him there. All the other girl's fathers would be there to watch them play.

"We'll see" is all he said.

That was enough to break her heart.


Because he had said "We'll see" before, but it really meant "no" in the end.

A little girl's trust had been broken, not once, but many times before.

Trust is so easily broken.

A parent's word. A teachers promise. A partners neglect.

We all have had trust broken in our lives and we cope with it in many different ways. By avoiding the subject; by avoiding the person and by never trusting anyone anymore.

People lack trust when dealing with strangers. "Stranger Danger" is the cry. But we all have to deal with 'strangers' every day.

People come into our lives as strangers and some become trusted friends. How does this happen among so many broken promises?

What is the dynamic that folds back the layers of mistrust and fear? 



Courageous transparent honesty.

That type of honesty that risks being hurt for the sake of a relationship.


The honesty that is so rare that it is a shock to find it.

And it does get abused - by some.

In business, people rip consumers off. Businesses rip other businesses off. Partnerships that start out so well, go sour because trust turns sour.


Your reputation (which is what we are talking about here) as a person (and as a business), is built  on trust.

How to build trust in the business world.

Trust is built by doing what your mother probably taught you when you were a kid.

If you say you are going to do something - then you better do it.

If you agree to be somewhere at a particular time - then be there.

If you advertise your mobile number - answer it.

If you agree on a price - then you're stuck with what you agreed to. Why? Because you gave your word.

I talk to hundreds of small business owners and the happiest ones are the ones that made their minds up a long time ago to do business this way. And they do occasionally come off worse financially for it. But they can go home and look at themself in the mirror and be proud of who they see. (And they are still in business years after the others have given up)


How to build trust with those you have never met.

The other day I was early for an appointment with a painter. I walked onto the premises and he looked up and waved a cheery hello. We had never met. Why would he treat me as someone he already knew, and liked?

I asked him why. He said it was because of the text message I had sent him to confirm our appointment.

Why would an sms text create a comfortable level of trust with someone I had never met? I'll show you what I send to everyone I have an appointment with now:

"Hi (Peter),

Just confirming our meeting up at 3.36pm next Tuesday 21st.

To be polite, I guess I should introduce myself. Tap on the link below - it's a Bio.

See you then,

Paul Johnson

Missing piece Marketing"

If you tap on that link above (go ahead - I'll wait for you . . . ) you'll notice a picture of me and a story about who I am, my experience and qualifications, and about me as a grandfather of 10.

Ever since sending that link to people I have never met before, people have felt they could trust me. They felt comfortable about meeting me.

How to build trust with your customers

Set up an honest page on your website about you and your experience and a little about you as a person and send the link before you, to every person you are booked in to do work with or meet. Watch the relaxed expresion of trust when you appear at the door. Why not have a page for each of your staff that go out to meet clients? Don't forget a passport style headshot.

If you haven't got a website set up a free 'Dropbox' account and store a Bio of you in there and send them a link to the document. After all everybody's got an internet connected phone these days.

How to build trust using a guarantee

The work you do is probably covered under the Home Owners Warrenty Scheme for a period of 10 years or the Department of Fair Trading's basic guarantee that covers faulty workmanship and labour, or better still your own stated and advertised guarantee.

Why not advertise the peace of mind your potential clients have by listing all your guarantees! Wouldn't that build trust?


That's why my new book 'How to be a People Person' (and everything else on my site) is covered by a

'Double Money Back Guarantee' !

"In the event that, after reading this book, you don't think you got your money's worth, you can contact me within 7 days of purchase and I will refund you DOUBLE the cost of this e-book."

 That's right - Double your money back!
People have said I am crazy to offer this guarantee and I probably am. There will be people who will abuse this generous guarantee (whether they liked the book or not). But I believe so strongly that when anybody reads and applies these 'People Person Tools' in their life, they will instead tell others to grab a copy for themselves.

"What!" I hear you say, "You will refund twice what someone pays you, if they complain!"



Because only a few people will abuse this guarantee, but far more will trust me and go ahead and download a copy for themselves.

Why not click here: 'How to be a People Person' and check out the risk free method of building trust for yourself.

Trust me,

flattened small

Paul Johnson

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