How to promote your business

without making these 6 mistakes. . .

how to promote your business

1.  Not knowing who your ‘target market’ is. What part of the populous do you want to call you? The 18 – 25yr olds; the women aged 35-55yrs, the ‘empty nesters’. There is little point advertising a new nursing home on the rock music radio station Triple M . . . you would be better of spending your money on 'Easy Listening' 2CH! If your target audience is families with children then sponsoring a few sporting teams in your area (and get an ad on their web site + uniforms). If it's the 'Baby Boomers' then a stand at the 'Retirement Expo' or if it's the home owners, try the 'Home Improvement' events.

2.   Not knowing what it is that people buy from (of) you. Everybody makes buying decisions based on emotional reasons as well as the ‘facts’ about what you can do for them. Most businesses just tell the market the facts, and ignore the important emotional triggers people have for doing business.

Also most businesses never really know what it is that people buy about them. [My Quick Customer Satisfaction Survey to your latest 15 clients will be an eye-opener - click here for the details]


How to promote your business without wasting your money

   3.  Spending too much money in just one form of advertising (like Yellow Pages or Google Adwords). Most businesses need a minimum of 5 different forms of advertising (reaching your market from different angles). I've got some great ideas here - call me on 0407 261 900 (+61407261900 if calling from outside Australia)

      4.    Using trade jargon in your copy e.g. Vacuum formed kitchens; back flow prevention.

how to promote your businessHow to promote your business without confusing your prospects.

     5.     Using more than 2 colours in an advertisement. The human brain is easily confused. If you add more than 2 colours to your ad, it adds an element too many, for people to grasp quickly. Yes I know you think it stands out better but actually those ads with less stand out more.

    6.    Not stating clearly that you will ‘FIX’ their specific problem. The Pest control company who describes what he does as ‘termite management’. People don’t want their termites managed – they want them DEAD. If you are a Plumber or Electrician and saying you service things gives the impression you need to keep coming back and charging me more money for the next service call. As a customer I want you to fix the problem once and not have to return!

How to promote your business can be a confusing journey.

   That's why we cover 22 mistakes to avoid when advertising your business, in 'The Secrets of Getting In' course. Call me for the details.

    Never stop learning,

Paul Johnson   

   Paul Johnson


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