Job estimate. Quoting for work, when people won't say 'yes' straight away.

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Bloody tire kickers! How to turn them into paying customers.

2009 06080136Frustrating isn't it.

There are fewer calls these days than there used to be - so fewer quotes to do - and more competitors across 5 times as many media - all quoting against you.

You spend lots of money, advertising to get people to call you for a 'free quote', but it's not free at all. It's costing YOU a lot of time, petrol and money.

Is this how it feels for you?

You do the right thing and answer your phone; you agree on an appointment time; you show up (on time); you listen to their needs (or what they think they need) then you assemble your quote and you email or hand it to them for their consideration.

Now, your quote can take from half an hour to days to complete, depending on the industry you're in.

The FREE QUOTE costs you a lot.

If you've been doing this for a while, you begin to sense the prospects that are going to waste your time. Argh! Bloody tire kickers!

The ones who are getting 6 quotes and you are number 3.

The ones who don't have a clue what they want and only wanted you to pick your brains for ideas.

Then there are the ones that are getting a quote to see how much they will need to save up, before they can get the job done.

In fact there are 13 steps a new client goes through from having a need that something's got to change, through to becoming a 'Raving Fan' of your business:


The 13 Step Client Journey.

1.      Having a need -----------

2.      Finding out what has to be done ------------

3.      How much will it cost? ----------

4.      having the money to get it done ------

5.      finding out the best people to do the work ------------

6.      trusting someone -------------

7.      saying ‘YES’ to your quote ---------------

8.      working with you through the job ------------

9.      paying you ------------

10.    feeling proud about what you have just completed for them -------------

11.    telling others about what work they have had done ------------

12.    recommending you to others ------------------

13.    writing you a testimonial letter (or letting  you video an interview with them) about how it felt dealing with you.

Job estimate / quoting for work, becomes a waiting game.

Then what happens?


You wait . . . and wait . . . and wait!

They don't call. WHY NOT!

Because they are not ready yet.

As soon as you sent them the quote you lost them. Now you've got to go spend more money to get some more FREE QUOTES!


Job estimate / jobs won - This is your Quote Success Ratio.

In the selling industry we call it a 'close ratio'. For every 10 presentations you make, how many buy?

As you know I've asked this question of hundreds of small business over the last 15 years.

Some say 7/10 others 2/10. What ever your close ratio is, it is.

But what if you win just 3 jobs out of 10 quotes and by hanging onto those 'Bloody Tire Kickers', until they were ready to go ahead, you boosted your close ratio to 5 jobs won out of 10 quotes done?Paul J Web Files 15 of 42

What a difference it would make to your bottom line!

5 wins instead of 3 is a 66% increase in turnover!!!

Less running around with people who waste your time.

Less need for more advertising.

More money in your hip pocket.

Job Estimate close ratio increase, means getting some of

'The Bloody Tire Kickers - to become paying clients'

But how do we do that?


Introducing the all new mini course:

'Bloody Tire Kickers. How to turn them into paying clients'

In this short (3 session) course you will discover:

1. How to give yourself an extra 20% more 'yes's' by learning what to do AFTER you have submitted that quote.

2. Where are the leaks in your particular business. Where are your precious prospects dropping off during your sales process.

3. You'll get a tried and tested tool you can send someone, when you think the are "just ringing around for prices" - and keep them - instead of letting them go to your competition.

4. Another tool you can hand someone who says they are getting more quotes - so you will become the standard by which she measures everyone else!

5. Dozens of secret 'People Person Tools' you can use to convince them you are the one to go with. (The course includes your own copy of 'How to be a People Person' book)

6. The all new '3X3 System' of boosting your local business exposure.

Lot Lots more.

The course is 3,  one on one sessions with me. At a time and place we work out together. They are 1.5 - 2 hours each.

All tailor made to get your business booming.



"In the past I'd felt I just got 'talked at', at these sort of sessions. I wondered if I would learn anything new this time, or was it going to be a waste of my time and money?
But this guy knows his stuff....a lot of simple new ideas to put into practice that I think will work. Since getting home, I've shown my builder dad, the 'Trades Quote Comparison Checklist' – he got excited about what it would do for my quoting. I've told several of my tradie mates about how good the Workshop was." 

Dave Goymor - RAD carpentry services Queensland Australia - call him on 0423 635 737 (+61 423635737 Outside Australia - please consider what time it is in Queensland Australia before calling)

 What's the bottom line?


The course including text book, notes, copyrighted tools (personalised with your company details), full phone and email support for 3 months:

a fully tax deductible AUS$1377

(to calculate it in your currency use this converter    )

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All you need to do to book a Session 1 is click here,

email me at

or phone 0407 261 900

(or outside Australia [yes, you don't miss out, we can do it by Skype sessions] +61407261900 - please be sensitive as to the time in Sydney Australia if calling from overseas)

Make every day matter,

Paul Johnson

p.s. 'The Bloody Tire Kickers! How to turn them into paying clients' course is available now. Call me.

p.p.s.s. If you have done 'The Secrets of Winning More Quotes' course, (don't worry) this takes the 'Trades Quote Comparison Checklist' to far deeper levels.


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