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6  hoops you won’t want to jump through, when approaching a big company for work.

Have you noticed, some folk are just plain rude?

Heaven knows what their mother taught them. They seem to enjoy making other people’s lives a misery.

Don’t get me wrong. Most secretaries and receptionists are nice helpful people.

Others – well, you wouldn’t like to meet them, in a dark alley.

* When it comes to ‘Getting In’, it’s the receptionists and secretaries who can be your greatest allies.

Or your biggest enemies.


You know it’s not their job, to make decisions about who gets work and who doesn’t.

They just act like it's their job!

1.       Some of these ‘gatekeepers’ are trained to ask more than your name and who you want to talk to.

They ask “What’s it in relation to?” and “Why do you want to speak with him?” and even “Does he know you?”

What’s it to her, why you are calling?

Well, she’s been trained to keep people like you, out.

2.       You may be asked “Do you have an appointment?” To which you tacfully respond “No, that’s why I’m calling – to make one”

“Oh no” she says, “he only speaks to people by appointment”


3.       You may be told to send an email, outlining what it is you want to talk about, and that he’ll get back to you, if he wants to speak with you.

Don’t do it. It’s only a put off.

4.       If you ask for the name of the decision maker, you may meet with a direct refusal.

You may be told “Oh no, it’s not our company policy to give out names of our staff”

Sales leads generation - What is needed is a fresh approach

We need to appeal the receptionist’s ‘helper’ personality.

5.       What do you do with the response “If we want to talk with you, we’ll initiate the contact” or “No, we only discuss matters like that at budget time”

6.       Lastly, you may come up against staff in that company, who have been told to be rude to ‘hawkers and canvassers’.

You will discover perfectly polite people who turn like a vixen, when asked to open the gate to their boss.

Have you ever come up against any of these 6 blockages above?

So what are you to do?     How do you ‘Get In’?

The 10 session ‘The Secrets of Getting In’ programme, revolves around using humour, as a can opener to peel back the pathway, to the decision maker.

When you make people smile and laugh, it lightens their day and softens their heart.

The system helps you bypass the gatekeepers with an individually designed ‘teaser package’ that puts a smile on their face.

The package contains something strange, something completely unrelated to what you do - it's simply a tool that guides the wording in the 'teaser letter'.

It grabs their attention!

Sales leads generation systems should make you memorable.

To Get In – you just gotta stand out.

The tools and the scripting is all easily learned, in  ‘The Secrets of Getting In’ course.

As Jeremy Patterson from KJR Drafting says:

“I was terrified about approaching anyone for more business.

Paul’s ‘Getting In’ programme gave me the skills I needed.

Since completing the course, I have taken up the system again, to add to my

new customers.

If you are hesitating, don’t.”


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