Best advertising campaigns?

Are you wasting money advertising?

How can you tell?

445 burning money2Yep, you might as well set a match to your money, and burn it.

Sorry to be rude . . .but

Why are you throwing your hard earned cash at advertising that doesn't work?
or are you?

Gut Call

That's usually all business people have to measure the effectiveness of any
marketing spend.

Why do business people give time and energy to research other things, but never
their promotion spending?

 How do I know this?


I've surveyed dozens of small business owners, looking at their sales and marketing, and you will be shocked at what I found.

They have been spending heaps getting the phone to ring.
Most had at least 5 different forms of marketing spend but

only 4% of businesses had a 'new enquiry source tracking system'.

Ignorance is bliss? . . . I don't think so. 

What's Mark Twain got to do with advertising?

Mark Twain said 'Get your facts first . . . then you can distort'em as much as
you please.'

Once you get the facts - they can be scary.

Lets say you spend $12,000 with Yellow Pages, Google or the local paper over a year.
Say you got 100 new client enquiry calls from that source . . . every new enquiry
cost you $120.

It gets worse.

If it's 10 new enquiry calls, then each call cost you $1200.

And you haven't made a sale yet!

But how would you know . . . you haven't been tracking it. 

 Shocked enough?

Enough to do something about it? 

Best advertising campaigns come from 'Testing and Measuring' your results.

Here's a freebie for you. Click here: Valuable Source Code Tracka and download my free 'Source Code Tracker'.

I'll send you a whole sheet of tracking tables you can alter to suit your marketing efforts.

What do you do with it?

Put it next to your phone or stick it in your diary so you can remember to ask each enquirer where they got your phone number from.

Why don't I just ask at their quote or first appointment? I hear you say.

It's too late.

They've forgotten where they found your number - why should they care anyway? 

Always ask at the initial phone call;

after all, they're sitting in front of your ad then.

 Keep getting the info for 3 months, then summarise your tracking results. Add up the call numbers of every advertising source you have.

Here's the fun bit.

Free up your cash.

Sharpen your pencil. Cut those advertising dollars that are under performing.

Now you can re-invest those marketing dollars in places that do work. 

Unashamed Plug

Don't take my word for it.

Jeremy"I desperately needed to expand our customer base . . . I had no skills in
marketing or sales, I was at a loss.
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Thanks Paul"

Jeremy Paterson. Director, KJR Drafting Sydney


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'Getting In' never looked so good.

Why shouldn't you get in, for your piece of the pie?

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You'll wonder why you wasted sooooo much money advertising after all.



Make every day matter,

Paul Johnson

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