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Why would helping your prospects get a quote from your competitors,

give you more business?

The three clever reasons are down below, here *




How to help your prospects compare quotes - a checklist system to win more work.

Bloody ‘tyre kickers’!

Oh, they’re a nuisance aren’t they, all they want is a price!!           Are they a nuisance, or is it that we don't understand the journey they're on?

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Is your number of phone enquiries down these days?

If you want the work, every phone call matters.

Out of 10 enquiry phone calls, would you get four ‘tire kickers’?

Would you like convert two of them into clients?



Let’s look at how you can do that.

Every person you talk to about new work is on a journey to fulfilling their need.

Do you respect the journey they're on?

What step are they up to, on their journey to becoming a ‘Raving Fan’ of yours?


The 13 Step Client Journey.

  1. Having a need -----------
  2. Discovering what's got to happen to meet that need ------------
  3. How much will it cost? ----------
  4. having the money to get it done ------
  5. finding out the best people to do the work ------------
  6. trusting someone -------------
  7. saying ‘YES’ to your quote ---------------
  8. working with you through the job ------------
  9. paying you ------------
  10. feeling proud about what you have just completed for them -------------
  11. telling others about what work they have had done ------------
  12. recommending you to others ------------------
  13. writing a testimonial letter about how it felt dealing with you. (or letting you video an interview with them as a Raving Fan)

Every person who calls you is at one point in this journey. The mystery is, that you don't know where they are on that journey!

They may not be ready to pay you just yet or they are discovering what's got to happen to meet that need of theirs.

If you don’t respect where they are on their journey, they will not feel understood.

They are more likely to find someone else who will listen to them. They will go to one of your competitors.

You don’t want that.

baby birds in nest



So, every initial phone call becomes a “precious little bird” in a nest. 

They need care and nurture all along the journey to becoming a ‘Raving Fan’ of yours.

If you lose them at this stage, you are just handing all that future business over to your competitor.






But what good, are those who ring up for “just a price”? How can you turn them around to being paying clients?

Consider this.

How do you handle them at the moment? What do you say to them on the phone now? Yes, it matters - you may be losing potential clients.


You need to find out, why are they calling you, in other words where are they are on their journey.


They think they are comparing quotes between tenderers. They are really only comparing Dollars (or Euros or Pounds).


How can you tell where on the journey they are?

By asking a question.

If you suspect someone is “just ringing around for prices”, say this:

“Do you mind if I ask you a question? When do you think you will be ready to go ahead with the work”

That will sort them out.

They are at step 3 in their journey (Comparing prices).



Help them on their journey - offer them something of value: your FREE ‘Quote comparison checklist’.


Say this:

“ Am I right in saying you are ringing around for prices?  OK, that’s good.

Would you like something to help you, on your journey?

I have a FREE ‘Quote comparison checklist’ to help you get the right quote. It lists all the wise things to look out for, when comparing quotes.

Would you like me to send it to you – it’s free?"

(Everybody says “yes please!”)

"Fine. What email address can I send it to?" (Or ask if they would like it sent to their phone as a text message).

Take down their email address (or note their number on your phone screen), and send this PDF document below. 


The FREE 'Quote comparison checklist'.

Hint 1: Make sure you have this checklist with your company name and phone number (FREE of charge). If you click here to email me, I'll personalise it for your company. (Ask me to add or alter any text on the 'checklist' to suit your business/industry.)

Hint 2: Save your personalised copy of the checklist on your phone as a PDF. You can reply to phone inquiries with this PDF in an email or text message.

They can copy and use the checklist it with your compliments.


Hint 3: Explain how to use the checklist with your potential clients:

"All you do is record what happened when you contacted each firm to request a quote"

"Go down the list of questions and mark either 'Yes' or 'No' to each question. I know the questions sound simplistic but you will be surprised how many businesses 'drop the ball' when it comes to outstanding customer service"

"Now you have a comparison between us and everybody else who quotes for your work."

"Does that sound helpful for you?"


[Sorry if this checklist image is a bit small to read on a phone, please open it on a tablet or PC. (It's really worth the effort)]






































Click here to download your FREE  'Quote comparison checklist' printable PDF.

Why would helping your prospects get quotes from your competitors, give you more business?

* Here is why you must hand these 'Checklists' out freely.

1. No inquirer ever expects one business to help them get quotes from their competitors. That would appear to be a silly thing for you to do. Their surprise brands your business as one that UNDERSTANDS their customers. You are taking the hassle out of comparing quotes. They like you.

2. It is a subliminal fact that you must already meet or exceed the checklist of standards, on your 'checklist'. Your competitors are yet to measure up.

3. You are not appearing 'pushy'. You aren't using smooth sales tactics to get them to 'go with you'. Nobody likes 'pushy' salespeople.


With my compliments,

Paul Johnson










Paul Johnson

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