life after death,

  • I've got cancer.

    I’ve got cancer.

    People don't often say, "I've got cancer" do they?

    Some feel it’s information better kept to close friends and family.

    worried manSometimes they're not ready to talk about it.

    Or they're afraid that other people will act different towards them.

    They think other people may not want to be near them.

    Saying the words out loud makes the cancer feel more "real."

    They don't want others to feel sorry for them or change how they treat them.


    For many of you, we have had a connection that in some cases goes back 15 years or more. So, I could see real benefits to you (hang in there - I'll get back to this) if I levelled with you:

    OK, you ready?  . . . .  I've got cancer.

    There, I've said it.


    Now, I know this is a touchy subject. Some folk have lost close friends and family members to cancer. So, it's pretty raw.

    I completely understand if you quit reading now, delete this message or get off this post.

    To most of us, cancer reminds us that every one of us is mortal. We link the word ‘cancer’ to the word ‘terminal’ and think about the end of life.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your time, advice and knowledge today. And thanks for lunch too! I have now made the final payment installment. It's always great to work with you and I am very appreciative.

You make me not just a better businessman but a better person overall. I now have many things to ponder. Thanks for helping me on my life journey.

Kindest regards,

Craig Cook

Atlantis Plumbing

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Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say that I’m usually busy in my business and my inbox gets lots of ‘newsletters’ from people. I don’t have time to read them – I usually delete them.

But your reports are different. I was sceptical at first, but they put a smile on my face (we must have a similar sense of humour). I find myself stopping to read them, for two reasons:

1. You add a ‘human’ face to your reports; I identify with the stories you tell, to make your point, and 2. They always contain useful hints and tips I can use in my business.

I appreciate your generosity with your ideas.

If you are considering subscribing to Paul’s reports, Please don’t hesitate, just do it – it’ll put a smile on your face and dollars in your bank.
Tony Mathot

Tony Mathot

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