How to make Raving Fans for your business.


You know they go on and get several other quotes from other businesses.

 What do you do, that makes your quote, a  memorable experience for them?

Here is a guy's true story      [ I know you love my stories :-)  ]

" I bought a Kindle (That's an electronic book (eBook) reader - if you didn't 

know already, click on the link to find out), as soon as they came out, in 2007.

 I loved it immediately.

 About two weeks after I bought it, it slipped out of my hands and crashed onto the hardwood floor in my apartment, effectively scrambling its little electronic brain.


 I called customer service hoping I wouldn’t have to pay full price to get it replaced (it had cost me $399 — and it was definitely my fault that it broke).

 I told the guy my story, and he said, “We’ll send you a new one today.  When you get it, just put the broken one into the new one’s box and send it back to us.”

 Stunned and happy, I complied.

I had my new Kindle two days later, and sent them back my old one: no charge (not even shipping), no hassle. His only concern seemed to be that I get my new Kindle as quickly as possible.  No third degree about what happened to the old one, no quibbles about warranty, no questioning of my honesty or intent.

 I'll never forget that.

 I’m sure there are a few customers who will take unfair advantage of such liberal and customer-supportive policies (there always are), but that’s a small price to pay for the thousands upon thousands of honest, well-intentioned customers who will be pleased and surprised, and  who – like me – will consider themselves lifetime customers as a result of being treated this way.


 This customer who bought a Kindle went on to become 

A Raving Fan of Kindle.


 Because he was treated memorably and went on to tell the world about how he was treated.


How do you stand out from your competitors when you do a quote?

 What do people remember about you?

 Here's an idea for you.

 When you book a time to do a quote with someone, why not make your appointment booking,

 something to remember?

 "Huh, Make my appointment booking, memorable?

 What do you mean Paul?"  I hear you say.


Give people a choice - let them feel in control. 

Well, you already know yours will be one of at least 3 (if not 5) quotes this potential customer is going to get for the job.

 How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

 That person has a busy life.

 Do you make it difficult for them, by forcing all your quotes to be available for you on Saturdays?


 Do you give people a choice?

 Everybody loves a choice.

 Everybody likes to feel in control too.

When you book your quote, you can give people a choice of times to make them feel like they are in control.

 They like that.

You made yourself memorable by appealing to their desire to run things.


 What about the times you book people in for?

 Why do you copy everyone else and say "I'll be there at 10 o'clock or after 3"


 Why not develop the habit of always booking quotes in at odd times?

Like this:

 "I have 5:36pm on Wednesday available or would 5 past 10 on Thursday be better for you?"


 Who makes appointments for 5 past anything ?!?

 Nobody right!

 Nobody, except you.


Why not make yourself memorable - give them the pleasure of a choice of 'odd' appointment times.

That'd make you stand out - wouldn't it?

Now you are creating Raving Fans for your business.



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