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I’ll get straight to the point (you'd prefer that wouldn't you ;-).

Mailing out, to a bunch of bigger businesses, in order to get work from them, can be soul destroying.

Have you ever tried to get in to see new companies using a mailout?

If you have, you know what I'm talking about.

If you haven't, hang onto your seat. The ride is rough


Here's usually how it goes:

You’ve invested wheelbarrow loads of money on the design of the brochures.

You've dumped truck loads of time into it, making sure your covering letter did a good job of 'selling' your service to the decision maker.

You’ve mailed it out to those 75 companies you think would love to have you work for them.

Then, you sit down and wait for the phone to ring.

And you wait some more . . .

And . . .  the post mortem's begin.

And you’re stumped for ideas on what more, you could have done.

So, you vow never to do a mail out again. Grrr.

I know how you feel.  Many others have felt that way too.

Sometimes, it helps to know why something failed, just so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Are you ready? I know it sounds negative, but stay with me.

Why B2B advertising mail outs fail. 

Here’s 8 reasons why bulk mail outs like that, don’t work:

1. Your precious company portfolio gets ‘sorted’ by the receptionist, before the decision maker ever sees it.

She ‘sorts’ it into the round file under her desk (the bin). Why?

Well, your package is only one of five other advertising packages they’ve received today. The boss has instructed his staff to ‘deal with’ this type of mail this way.

2. Your glossy material was in an envelope addressed to ‘The Manager’ or ‘The Business Owner’ – this automatically sends it into the bin.

It’s viewed as  ‘just advertising’.

3. Your package looked the same as every other advertising leaflet they get in their daily mail or fax.

* Yours did not stand out as memorable.

4. You used an address label to print your prospect’s address on.

This is a dead give away that the recipient is part of a mass mail out campaign.

5. You printed with your printer, rather than using handwriting  to address the envelope.

* Why would they open a promo letter that's addressed the same as all the others?

6. You included your company name and return address on the envelope.

That tells everybody what sort of promo material it is, and they make up their mind not even to open the envelope!

You ‘let the cat out of the bag’ too early.

They assumed,

and you lost.

7. You probably used a standard business sized envelope. Also, it was white or buff in colour, wasn’t  it.

Why should they notice your package? It looked the same as every other letter they received today.

8. You are likely to have stuck the standard issue stamp on the letter to get it to them.

(There are other legal stamps you could use, to make your pack stand out)

Maybe you didn’t even stick a stamp on it, and sent it through a franking machine.

Sorry, but that’s a ‘Mass Mail Out’ signal, if ever there was one.

All this, and the decision maker hasn’t even SEEN your B2B advertising letter yet!

Mail outs are a minefield of tricks and blockages.

These 8 are just some of the obstacles, that those who've done our ‘ The Secrets of Getting In’ programme are avoiding.

In summary:

To ‘Get In’ -  you just gotta stand out

The devil is in the detail.

There are many more hints & tips included in our 10 session programme. It's a track to run on.

Don’t make the same mistakes next time.

email me on paul@missingpiecemarketing.com.au to find out more about our

risk free first session.


Till next time,



Paul Johnson

Missing Piece Marketing

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